Ward Proves Supreme in Kovalev Rematch

Andre Ward scored a eighth round knockout of Sergey Kovalev last night.  The fight had never ending excitement and pressure, and Ward proved he is likely the best current pound for pound fighter in the world.

Kovalev, as expected put some additional pressure on Ward compared to the first fight.  Ward’s game plan was the same as to withstand the pressure with his superior boxing technique.  The only difference in Ward’s plan was he was going to work the body of Kovalev more, which proved to be the difference.

There was some questionable low blows and we will see if there is any fallback in the next couple of days or weeks, as I am sure Kovalev’s team will protest the outcome.  My opinion, and Ward said it best, after the fight.  Kovalev was complaining about the body shots being low, and complaining instead of fighting is a sign of weakness and a gap in concentration.  Ward took total advantage mentally.

There were certain low blows that were missed, but there were other punches right on the belt, which is perfectly legal, and those punches hurt Kovalev and took the heart right out of the fighter.

Ward showed why he is the best pound for pound fighter.  His superior technique allowed him to withstand the pressure of Kovalev and allowed him to counter with effectiveness.  It was purely his ability to keep his body in proper position while causing Kovalev to miss so many punches.

Ward waited out Kovalev and then saw the man wearing down, and once he saw that Ward worked the body, until the end.  Ward has shown he is king of the fight game now.  I hope they can make an Adonis Stevenson vs. Ward fight, so Ward can own the undisputed title, which is certainly what the best should have.  We will see if that can happen, in a time in boxing when the best are fighting the best for once and for all.

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