McGregor – Mayweather Fight is BAD for boxing

For each person that knows boxing, and feels Connor McGregor fighting Floyd Money Mayweather is a circus, there are hundreds of folks that think this is going to be a great fight.  I have been against this fight from the beginning, and hoped it would fail, and not generate the hype, however the show will go on.

I won’t analyze the fight, because there is very little to analyze.  You have arguably, maybe not even arguably, the best pound for pound boxer of his generation fighting against an amateur boxer.  Why is this fight sanctioned?  The answer is because fans are fanatics, and fanatics are promoting this fight.

To think McGregor has a chance to win this fight is it to think the New England Patriots would get beaten, in a football game, by the best Rugby team in the world.  Or maybe it is to think the Cleveland Browns would get beaten in football, by a champion Rugby team.

MMA is a different sport that boxing, what don’t people get.  This is what gets me the most angry.  People do not respect boxing as a sport with skills.  News flash, there have been a lot tougher guys who have gotten their butts beat in a boxing ring, because they thought toughness was enough.

If McGregor were to beat Mayweather it would be terrible for the sport of boxing, and open the door for another circus.  The good news is this will not happen.  Considering the show that McGregor puts on, and I have to say he is an entertainer, he has zero chance to win this fight.

I expect he will pressure Mayweather like no other boxer has done, and because of that it could make for an exciting fight.  That said, he has never been hit with a shot like Mayweather is going to hit him with.  If McGregor backs up and dances around, after that, the people will be upset and robbed again.  I don’t think that will happen.  I believe McGregor is going to continue to move forward and Floyd is going to not only going to school the man, he will knock him out early within 5 rounds.

For the record I expect exciting rounds of the tough guy against the skilled guy and the tough guy is going to get his butt beaten.  It’s Showtime.

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