Finally an Interesting Heavyweight Fight on FREE TV

This Saturday we will see what we have not seen in a very long time – A Heavyweight Boxing Match featuring two American fighterss with one owning the WBC Heavyweight Championship.  Deontay Wilder will face Gerald Washington on Fox Network.  While Wilder will be heavily favored the fight could bring some drama, which we haven’t seen in a while with two American Heavyweights.

Since boxing advisor / manager Al Haymon launched Premiere Boxing Champions (PBC) a couple of years ago some great matches have been seen on FREE TV.  Names like Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter and Wilder have grown in fame with the access of fighting on free network TV.  This Saturday is one of those times where Haymon envisioned when he launced PBC.  That is a heavyweight fight with the potential for some drama.

Wilder is heavily favored and for good reason.  He brings a 37 win 0 loss record with 36 knockouts into this match.  The only time Wilder went 12 rounds is when he beat Bermane Stiverne for the WBC World Championship belt.  Wilder won just about every round in that fight, as it was his most impressive fight to date.  Funny how he didn’t get a knockout, yet it was his most impressive win.  It was also against by far his most accomplished opponent.

Wilder possesses a better than average jab, and a super powerful right hand cross.  When Wilder has his feet in proper position when he throws his cross, there is no one better or more powerful.  The proper foot positioning is rarely perfect for him.  Wilder is sloppy and often is out of position when he throws his punches.  While his jab and cross are good, he rarely throws body punches.  His combinations are amateurish and very wide.  At 6 feet 7 inches he has good length, but he is only carrying 223 pounds on his thin body.

Washington has much less experience than Wilder.  He is 6 feet 6 inches and weighs in at 246 pounds.  Washington is bringing an 18 win, 0 loss, 1 draw with 12 KO’s into the ring.  He is much lessor known, however I have taken the opportunity to review film on his in order to assess the fight this Saturday.

Washington’s positives is he throws his punches short, and is normally in good position to defend himself.  That said he does not carry a lot of punching power.  He is light on his punches in fact, and he is extremely slow which likely will be his demise in this fight.

Before I predict the fight, I want to point out how this fight could provide some drama.  Washington’s size could provide a challenge for Wilder.  If he is able to negate the right hand cross of Wilder, he has little else to do damage with.  If Washington can control the pace of the fight he will present a challenge to Wilder by using his weight to ware down Wilder.

I don’t think that will happen though.  If Wilder has prepared properly he will come out like he did against Stiverne and control the fight with his length and jab.  He came out relaxed in that fight and was very impressive.  Even though Washington has size at 6’6” his speed, or lack of it will hurt his ability to defend against a quicker more experienced Wilder.

It may take Wilder a little longer to chop down this tree, but I see a 7th round knockout win by Wilder.


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