Canelo Alvarez fighting Gennady Golovkin is sure to be a Boxing Event

Three weeks after what I termed The Circus, a real fight, promising real action, will take place in Las Vegas, when Canelo Alvarez (49 wins, 1 loss, 34 KO’s) takes on Gannady Golovkin – GGG (37 wins, no losses with 33 KO’s), for the Middleweight championship.  This fight has been in the making for the past two years.

I can 100% guarantee this fight will be a fight that will excite the casual fan.  For true boxing fans, this is the fight we have all been waiting for, the past two years.  Both fighters are aggressive in their style, and reading the so called boxing experts, are pretty much split on who the winner will be.  This fight is for the Middleweight Championship belt, and although it is not for every governing boxing championship, there is little doubt the winner is the undisputed Middleweight boxing champion.

Golovkin will be defending his title for the 19th time, and if successful, he will be one win away from matching Bernard Hopkins run as Middleweight Champion, from 1995-2004, for consecutive wins defending a title (20).  Alvarez recently gave up his Jr. Middleweight belt, so he could move up to Middleweight.

These two fighters are two of my personal favorite boxers of today’s game.  Both are old school type of fighters, fighting to win, at all cost; something you cannot say about every fighter today.  Alvarez is the younger fighter, and he is in his prime.  He has been fighting professional since he was 16 years old.

GGG is getting up in age.  At 34 years old, he is coming off a fight against Daniel Jacobs, who was the first fighter to go the distance against GGG is many years.  With all of the hype over Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather, this fight has flew under the radar of the casual fan.  I think this is a product of the media liking a story, better than liking reality.

This fight is going to be a challenger for fight of the year, and potentially fight of the decade.  I am very confident of that, as these fighters are not going to avoid each other.  So now it is time for predictions.  As I mentioned the “experts” were pretty divided on who would be the winner.

GGG is a solid fighter, and a solid defense.  His popularity in the sport is built on his personality, which is fabulous.  He is an entertainer, and brings excitement for the sport.  I believe his choice to understand and excel with the English language, and his residence being in California are big factors in his popularity.

Alvarez is well known too, but I think the reason he is not as well known to the casual fan is the Mexican fighter does not speak English.  But personalities and languages aside, tonight is when the business will take place.  Alvarez is a good counter puncher with a lot of power from his punches.

I have said for a long time, when you have two fighters and it is touch to figure who has the advantage, boxing technique rules.  If you take away age, the fighters appear to be excellent boxers, but it is Alvarez who has a major advantage when it comes to go old boxing technique.

His hand speed is not great, but he does everything well, from power on his punches, to counter punching and a solid defense.  To get very technical, if you look at GGG defending himself and counter punching it is not as precise as Alvarez.  Canelo can block or move away from a punch and connect with a counter better than most in boxing today.  That is going to be the difference.

I think both fighters are warriors and would be surprised if a knockout were to happen.  I think Alvarez is going to win a decision, and if I were to bet, it would be 8 rounds to 4, or 7 rounds to 5.  Don’t be surprised if there is more than one knockdown, but with the hearts of each fighter being like lions, I would think they will be able to withstand whatever storm comes there way, and make it to the final bell.

And when it is doing, Alvarez will win, and so will the boxing fans who decided this fight was worth the investment.

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